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We bring you the coolest variety of men & women fashionable accessories that satisfy all tastes. Perfected down to the last detail, our watches, sunglasses and bow ties will definitely make a fashion statement!

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Wooden Watches Collection

The value of a watch is not only in being able to tell the time, but also in making a statement about the man who wears it. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, our Wooden Watches are hypoallergenic, made of natural wood and are crafted with high precision


Buying from Yogitec was a great experience! The products were exactly as advertised and the delivery was on time. Keep it up!

Rita Keyrouz

I loved the wooden collection! Not to mention that the customer support team is great, they swiftly replied to my enquiries.

Mario Robinson

Yogitec has the coolest accessories i've ever seen. This is the perfect place for stylish men, with really affordable prices.

Hassan Khaled

Urban Watches Collection

Our goal is not to follow trends, but to set them by creating exceptionally beautiful timepieces of superior performance. Through our Urban Watches Collection, we offer the coolest variety of extraordinary watches that you've never seen before

Wooden Bow Ties Collection

Looking to fill a void in men’s accessories, we've decided to reinvent the classic bow tie by introducing our Wooden Bow Ties Collection. Crafted out of natural wood, our exceptional bow ties enable us to fuse old school craftsmanship with modern style

Shark Watches Collection

By offering a brand new experience of accessories entirely aimed at the young generations, our SHARK watches catch the eye and lead the way in men’s fashion. With new styles always being designed, continuous improvement and original designs are the hallmarks of our SHARK Watches Collection

Wooden Sunglasses Collection

Great sunglasses can be nothing short of a transformation. By converting nature's most beautiful element into one-of-a-kind eyewear designs, we introduced our Wooden Sunglasses that merge precision technology with classic craftsmanship to become a timeless form of art

MEGIR Watches Collection

The more you delve into the background of a watch and its heritage, you more you understand the true value of it. MEGIR watches are the result of months of painstaking work all meticulously pieced together in that small window to deliver accuracy, high quality and innovative designs